31 Days of Creative Art Journal Prompts : Create with Intention Every Day of 2013

be creative 31 days of art journal prompts

I’m ready to create with intention every day of 2013.

This means that I won’t just paint or draw when I have the whim, without a plan or a set time. Well, I will, but I will also have a dedicated Creative Practice.

I’m going to add a left-brain system to my right-brain creativity and set a time, place, and intention for my Art-making.

Do you make New Years Resolutions then suffer from the “Lets-do-this-now!” gung-ho attitude that falters two days later?Yeah, me too.

Here’s what I am doing about it:

I love a good prompt.

Plus, I’ve never had a proper art journal, and I’d really love a place to get messy, creative, and experimental.

Don’t believe you are an artist? Feeling stuck in your art journaling practice? You can join me for a fun daily creativity prompt for a painting, doodle, art journal piece, collage… really, whatever gets you creating –do it!

Yay! Fun Art Journal Prompts

I’m challenging myself to have something fun to create everyday of 2013 and to intentionally set time aside daily to experiment with my art.

This is the perfect New Years Resolution, even if you don’t believe in resolutions.

2013 is going to be the best year yet: more self confidence, self expression, more art and more beauty in my life.  And I am creating the art and beauty that I want to see. 2013 can be your most creative, self expressed, art filled year, too!


Its January 1st and I’m starting with Art Journal painting prompts

I have an entire Pinterest board full of inspiring art ready to go! You can follow along all 31 days:

January 2013 Creative Prompts

  1. Create with intention prompt 13 : recreate a Frida Kahlo paintingStart an Art Journal
  2. Make pretty Journal Cards
  3. Pick a famous artist to emulate from pinterest board: Willem de Kooning
  4. Make a rose mandala
  5. Paint over 5 pages I hate in my sketch book 50% with gesso, turn them into something new.
  6. Line art experiments: draw something with one continuous line, draw something with eyes closed, draw left handed.
  7. Girl with bird’s nest hair
  8. Hands for holding onto spark, flowers, heart, bird
  9. Paint a bunch of colorful pages, let dry, cut out, and collage.
  10. Colorful Butterfly pages
  11. Angels
  12. Print out faces of my girls and collage onto new bodies
  13. Artist from pinterest : Frida Kahlo
  14. Mermaids
  15. Typography / hand lettering
  16. Artist from pinterest : Olaf Hajek
  17. Test out a new background
  18. Fully rendered shaded pencil piece.
  19. Test a new portrait style
  20. Artist from pinterest : Mucha
  21. Try a Pop up book mechanism
  22. Repeating feather pattern
  23. Artist from pinterest : Klimt
  24. Use a pattern that you wouldn’t normally use
  25. Paint using only black and white
  26. Artist from pinterest : Egon Schiele
  27. “Home”
  28. Thick layers of paint
  29. Try a completely different color scheme
  30. Abstract piece
  31. Artist from pinterest : Matisse

I can’t wait until February, I have so many ideas for creativity prompts.

You can join me creating every day of 2013, or creating every day of January.  Or creating some days of January ;) Just get creative!

I’ll host a couple of technique demonstrations this month to offer plenty of fun, interactive prompt art-alongs.

Let’s get creative together!

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